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  1. Hi, I’ve been having some weight issue for a while. I can say I’ve tried a few rigorous diets, but the main problem with all of them was that I’ve gained some pounds again and I just couldn’t maintain my weight. But accidentally I came across this 3-week diet on the internet and decided to give it a try. You can find information about what types of food to eat and what to avoid and I can tell you that it helps you to easily stick on to the diet plan. I have avoided carbs and fat and the results were there, in less than a month. The problem with my previous diet plans was mostly my mindset. With this diet, I didn’t have this issue and the results were inevitable.

  2. I lost the extra half a stone that refused to budge after having my second child using this diet system. I am impatient and get bored on diets which is why this is ideal for someone like me. It’s not easy and you need to be strong and focused, however it’s a short term thing with long term results.
    I highly suggest you try this diet, it’s simple, straightforward and can be easily adapted to your lifestyle.
    I am skeptical of quick diets but this one works.

  3. This manual addressed peoples’ problem on hypertension, diabetes, cancer and chronic diseases brought about by daily food intake; the amount and kind of food we eat every day.
    It is an impeccable work that amazes everyone to know that losing weight can be achieved in 21days. With the discussion on what food s to avoid and the different tips of losing 15 – 20 pounds within 21 days.
    Five important factors are discussed if we want to make our body trim and shaped; Diet, exercise, will power, motivation and mindset.
    Daily exercise for 20 – 30 minutes is also recommended. Brisk walking can substitute for an expensive gym, sweating out our stored fats. It can make us feel lighter and ten times better.
    This manual is very informative, making people aware that the time interval of our eating time also contributes to our fattening or slimming figure. Losing weight means longer life happiness and establishes self-confidence.

  4. Life-changing book, effective for rapid weight-loss and maintaining overall health and fitness
    ‘The 3-Week Diet’ is a collection of real facts and knowledge regarding overall body health, fitness and rapid weight loss that I will cherish throughout the remainder of my life.

    The greatest part is that there are no loopholes in the diet, or the techniques that lie behind it– there is a clear explanation for everything, presenting a cause-consequence and solution-oriented approach. This leads to guaranteed results and fitness that will last a lifetime. The practices and diet that this book presents will, undoubtedly, work on everyone.

    It conveys useful, tested and proven information. I was able to lose all of my excess weight within three weeks. And that positively induced me to continue with the practices and the diet well beyond the 3 weeks.

    The diet is based on actual nutritional gain from various foods and is describes the requirements for maintaining and improving bodily functions. The exercise regimes are effective. The book is supported by concrete research and does not undermine the effects/consequences of any crucial aspect mandatory for achieving the ideal body weight.

    I have recommended the 3 week diet to ALL of my acquaintances. If I were you, I wouldn’t think twice about using it!


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