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  1. I bought the book 3 months ago. I have been following the advice and diet that the book suggests. I realize that a lot of what is required is that you eat like a Vegan. I have modified that and have also been eating lean meats, mostly turkey and chicken along with the diet and have been walking 2 miles 5-t6 days a week. I have lost 30 lbs in the last 3 months. I went to my Md last week to get results from my latest blood tests. I am now completely off of all my medications. No more blood sugar pills, no more blood pressure pills, no more meds of any kind. In reading those reviews I believe that not everyone is willing to make the lifestyle changes needed to attain good health. All of the information in this book is scientifically proven and has been compiled from over 1000 years of research. We are what we eat. Don’t write a review of a book if you have not even done what it says and then dispute what it says. I was @ the point that it was either live a limited lifestyle on meds or get healthy. I chose good health. this is a great book.

  2. This book was extremely informative. My husband and I have changed our way of eating and stopped eating out in restaurants. We both feel much better and I’m passing the information contained in this book to my friends.

  3. I was a little hesitant on ordering the book, but in the end I did, and boy am I glad I did. I got it off their website, not from Amazon, but it’s the same book.

    So here’s the rub.

    This book is a life-changer. But it’s not an easy fix. It’s hard. So you have to be ready for it.

    If you think that you can just do a few quick things and get your health back on track, pop some magic pills and drop your blood sugar and start feeling better next week, then this is not for you, go buy some more garbage from late night infomercials. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. Overhauling your health will take some time.

    How many years did it take you to get to your current state of ill health… decades? Then why do people think they can just find some quick fix and get their health back on track in a few weeks? The time-frame to see results is a month+ depending on how strictly you follow their guidelines.

    The information in there is like an encyclopedia; from a multitude of sources, studies and doctors. It opened my eyes. And I mean it literally, the amount of times I sat there reading with my eyebrows crawling up my forehead was too many to count.

    This book is massive and packed full of information. The author doesn’t spend much time wasting space talking about recipes since you can find those online once you know what to look for after reading the book.

    Some reviewers on here said it’s full of conspiracy theories… but I’m not sure what they are talking about. Is it the “conspiracy theory” that the big pharmaceutical companies are lying to us and trying to milk us for every dollar? How they’re bribing doctors and politicians? That doctors have no incentive to help you end diabetes and other diseases? Because that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s a fact.

    Here’s a BBC article about pharmaceutical industry profits and how they need to sell more drugs instead of alternative treatment methods: (…)

    Here’s a scientific study from the New England Journal of Medicine analyzing the relationship of doctors and pharmaceutical companies and the kickbacks they get for prescribing drugs – not alternative treatments. Why would a doctor teach you how to eat healthier when he can prescribe you a drug and make a boat load of money in the process? (…)

    Here’s another study that found doctors who received bribes from pharmaceutical companies prescribed 2x more drugs: (…)

    Article from CBS News about how the pharmaceutical companies wrote a health bill favoring them. Making it easier for drug companies to sell drugs instead of alternatives: (…) And a wikipedia article proving how pharmaceutical companies spent more than any other industry on lobbying (legally bribing) politicians and doctors: (…)

    If you think all this lobbying and bribing of doctors and politicians by the pharmaceutical companies is being done to help you, you’re in for a wake up call. The pharmaceutical companies need to make more money, the only way they can make that money is by getting doctors to prescribe more and more drugs.

    This book will show you the alternatives to those prescription drugs.

    To summarize: If you are actually serious about your health, if you want to peak behind the scenes of what goes on in the medical industry, if you want to know how your body works, if you want to know about all the harmful foods, additives and preservatives in foods, if you want to know exactly what to eat and what foods to stay far away from to reverse type 2 diabetes, prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and avoid other ailments then this book is for you. This book will be the last book you ever read about proper nutrition for the best health possible.

    Sounds crazy right? I also couldn’t believe it, nobody could. My friends, cousin and parents all thought I was a wacko for even suggesting something like this – that was before I lent them this book to read. Now our whole family with our eyes opened and with a new outlook on healthcare, the medical and food industry is ready to take our health into our own hands, and all thanks to this wonderful book. Thanks Max.

    I am attaching pictures of this book after the dozen people who I lent it to read it and loved it. Might have to buy another as this one is close to falling apart 🙂


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