Free Scream Whistle by Survival Frog-Limited Time Offer

Never lose your keys again thanks to this bright orange scream whistle!

Today’s Special Offer 


At 100 decibles this whistle will help you stay safe and never lose your keys again!

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3 thoughts on “Free Scream Whistle by Survival Frog-Limited Time Offer”

  1. I used to lose my keys every other morning. After almost getting canned from work for being late too many times I decided it was time to do something. I got three of these one for me, my mother, and my sister. We all love these things. They’re loud when you blow into them and vivid orange so it’s almost impossible to lose your keys. These things saved my job! Very happy!!

  2. I walk my dog in the evening and I wanted a whistle for protection (my baby is a poodle so not much protection there). Don’t know if they’re quite as loud as a jackhammer but they can be quite loud when you blow into it but for the price I’m satisfied.


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