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4 thoughts on “Free Q5 Tac-Light Flashlight-Limited of Time Offer!”

  1. My husband saw this on TV and wanted one. I got this one for him andn and he loves it. It is a very powerful light, and it’s easy to load the batteries. We are ordering another one for our son and his family to use when they go camping. We bought them a large lantern for their tent and this will be good when walking outside the tent.
    My only complaint is the way it was mailed to us. The box in side was crushed but the light had no damage. The batteries were loose in the package. I’m still giving 5 stars because the product is so good.

  2. Q5 Professional Multi-Purpose Tactical LED Flashlight
    This multi-purpose flashlight was a surprise in many ways. I knew it came in a hard case but was not expecting the package to be as light as it was.
    Another surprise was the fact it runs on either three AAA batteries, or, the rechargeable battery. The kit came with a charger for the rechargeable battery (also included). The instructions were rather easy to understand and were very explicit. Not to mention the fun I had learning the different modes within the LED flashlight. These included strobe light, flasher light, bright light, and two dimmer lights. Wow!
    The tests I have chosen for this flashlight involves its use during daylight hours but in a dim setting, and of course nighttime exploration. You will be amazed at the brightness of this flashlight.
    Here we go; the first is a test in daylight but in dim lighting. For this I have retired to the darkest room in the house. As you can see inn the photos, the clarity of the LED is outstanding. The circle of light is quite bright and cannot wait to try it this evening. The size of the circle depends on the length of the zoom function.
    My nighttime test involves going to my darkest room, which is in near pitch-black conditions at night. No lights were added to this photo. First of the last photos is how dark the room is, then I illuminated the corner with the light. I will add that there were witnesses to these tests to prove they were authentic.
    Complete satisfaction and highly recommended. Five stars for the seller and FIVE stars for this wonderful flashlight.

  3. I needed a flashlight that would fit in my pocket, mostly for those after dark dog walking jaunts. I live in the country and I like to walk my dogs, hot or cold, rain or shine, light or dark; when it’s time– out we go.

    This is the flashlight I use now every time we go out in the dark. It beats my much more expensive, bulky, heavy, Mag-Lite by a country mile. I love the telescoping light pattern– from a full width lighted room effect to a narrow long-distance beam, this thing is awesome.

    It comes with a battery charger which I have not yet tried. I’ve used the light dozens of times over the past year and still working perfectly with the battery that came included with the light.

    I can’t think there is ever any reason I would buy any other flash light, this one is perfect.


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