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4 thoughts on “The Best Tactical Pen by Ape Survival – FREE Today”

  1. I am big into EDC (every day carry). This is a MUST for your practical carry. The size is really good. heavy duty. Pen works well. One ink refill included. LED light is good, it’s a pen light so don’t expect a blazing torch, it is just right for those low light moments. The business end of the pen is wicked. I was not sure that a “tactical” pen was a necessary item to have… I was wrong. Having this at my disposal is invaluable. Get the thing, highly recommended. Good price point for the product. If you want top of the line go Gerber. But this one is just fine for the job.

  2. I got this for my wife when she goes out. She loves it and never leaves home with out this thing. It’s a perfect concealed self defense tool. It looks like a pen, it writes like a pen, but it has everything you need in case of an emergency situation.

  3. I have a few of these things. I use them when I go camping or just when I’m in the city. At first I was pretty skeptical about the offer but I’m glad I took a chance and got 3. All I had to pay for was shipping. These pens are definitely worth it!


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