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3 thoughts on “Special Pricing on Turmeric!”

  1. I bought this stuff to theoretically help with the management of general chronic pain by reducing inflammation. While it’s hard to pinpoint its impact on that, I am certain that, after taking this for several months, I now experience basically no muscle or joint pain, my sporadic depression and anxiety is gone (I figured this out when I stopped taking the stuff and it came back with a vengeance) and… most surprisingly, those annoying bumps on the backs of my arms have almost disappeared. I didn’t expect this, and had to research it a bit to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Sure enough, those bumps I’ve had since I can remember seem to be eradicated by good ole turmeric curcumin. I recommend this supplement highly! It makes me an all around better and happier person.

    *Update: I ordered a new bottle and the color of the capsules was different than those in my last batch. I reached out to Vimerson Health to inquire as to whether this was okay, and Gabriela was incredibly helpful and responsive. As it turns out, since it’s a natural product, it IS okay that they vary in color from batch to batch. Thanks, Vimerson Health and Gabriela!

  2. So I have purchase my 3rd bottle of this product. Received a email from the founder of Vimerson Health asking me to tell my story to tell my story to help others. I thought to myself wow tell my story only few people in my life know of my health struggles but if it can help others sure why not it can also be therapeutic for me as well. will try my best to keep short…lol. In May 2012, I was diagnose with rheumatoid arthritis. You can;t imagine what it is to have joint pain until you have experience it. So the process of pools of medications began. None which don’t help with pain associated with side effects like crazy. I started research and educating myself on the condition and how to make myself better. I also believe that with research, educating our selves, and listening to our bodies we can find a way to heal through natural and herbal supplements. I take anti-inflammatory and they are not as effective as this product. I know this review is probably all over the place but like I said I was going to keep it short. So I encourage others to try this product as I did and got good results. Another thing I was impressed with this product was it works quickly not like other products where you need to take for 60 or 90 days to work. I hope this review help other as I count on others reviews that have helped me. Very satisfied customer! Oh I also would like to mention that the company send me a discount which comes in handy for us struggling people. Thank you Vimerson Health keep up the good work. Can;t wait to try other products.

  3. Well, I don’t take this product, but my wife does (I got it for her). She’s got pretty severe sciatica issues at times, and thus far, this is the BEST remedy we have ever tried for her issues. No joke, two (2) days after starting this, she noticed HUGE improvements. She’s tried all sorts of big-pharma stuff, and nothing has helped thus far like this Turmeric. I was pretty skeptical to be honest, cuz, well…it’s a herb or root or whatever, but after all the things we’d read online about it, I figured we’d give it a go. Glad to have purchased this stuff!

    Every time she swims in cold water, or is exposed to extreme cold weather (we live in Alaska or all places), her sciatica issues flare up BIG time, and QUICKLY. Pretty amazed really at how quick this stuff worked. We know it’s the reaction to the turmeric that helped, because 1st of all, she didn’t take anything else, 2ndly, she’s tried tons of other things in the past (when it’s been this bad), and nothing has worked this well, or this fast.

    Wasn’t paid or anything to make this review, I DESPISE that crap!!! People need to know if things are LEGITIMATELY helpful, and not be conned into buying something that won’t work for them. I bought another bottle of this for my aging/aching father, along with some Hyaluronic Acid, to see if it would help him (he’s got all sorts of body aches and pains), but his stubborn a** hasn’t taken it yet. If I can get him to listen to reason, I’ll post back with an update on that.


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