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5 thoughts on “Make Her Crave You Special Pricing Offer”

  1. Thanks for this Josh! I tried this package and it was worth it. They really go over everything a guy like me would need to know to get a girl. The part I like the most of the depth and detail that they do. It’s not just ‘be confident’ and ‘exercise more’ they actually tell you how to increase your confidence and go into deep shit about the female mind and what it wants. After doing this I met this chick on tinder. So far so good we’re on our 5th date now.

  2. Honestly talking to girls was tough for me. I’m a 31 year old guy that works for a temp agency and lives with his mother. I’m trying my best to be a man that a girl wants. This really helped me to boost my self esteem! I just got a full time job finally and I’m talking to a girl that so far seems interested! We haven’t made it official yet but we’ll see…

  3. It was okay. I mean the info was good but it was a lot to absorb. If you get that you’ll definitely have to watch the videos and read this more than once to get everything

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