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3 thoughts on “Save 100% on This Expandable Flashlight Baton-Limited Time Offer”

  1. I’m a 42 year old single mother of 3. Ever since my son graduated into his brown belt karate classes we’ve been getting home pretty late and we don’t live in the best neighborhood. I was really worried for our safety and I needed something to feel safe. My brother bought the strikelight for me as I didn’t have any extra cash this month and I’m so glad he did because it’s was the perfect solution for me. It’s a bit heavy but it needs to be to do some damage, however, my favorite part is the blinding feature so in case someone starts to approach I can temporarily blind them and get away before they get anywhere near me and my children. I really wish it came in pink though but other than that I recommend this for any single mother.

  2. first off lets start buy stating the most important fact about these strikelites…people who know strikelites do not buy them for their “brightness” but rather there outstanding durability to cost ratio.strikelites have earned this reputation since day one thus for this reason alone they have still not changed…why change something that isnt broke?they are built like tanks,waterproof,drop resitant,shock resistant and parts are readly available all over the net.upgrade bulbs,lens,seals,switches…you name another very very important fact that i do not see written about or even the event of a long term power outage these D batteries will prove to be more vital…why? beacause when your batteries die simply replace and you are good to go.if your light sources are rechargable you are screwed unless you have a generator.this was proven in 2008 when hurricane ike made its way to ohio with sustained wind gust of 40-50mph winds,knocking out power for 3 days in my kneck of the woods.not only did i have to replace my D’s in my 2 cell and 4 cell but if it wasnt for long term stash of batteries i would of been Brothers rechargables went bad after two night,caught off gaurd by the winds he only had half a charge on his tactical super bright pieces of trash…no power to my point is if you do not need a super bright rechargable,expensive flashlight dont waste your money.i change the batteries in mine every 6-12 months and they are fine.these are lifetime flashlights.both my 2 cell D’s are 18 and 19 years old,sharing vehicle duties,hunting,fishing,dog finding and all around general pupose.they are scratched up and look like they been through heck!that is because they have! over the past 3 years i replaced the old krypton bulbls with LED’s and made them virtually new and 3 times more bright.they will never be replaced as there is simply no reason to with parts all over my 4 cell first generation was upgraded withn LED and a nice new glass lens and it literally illuminates my whole yard.its a beast,heavy,solid and more light than most any person will ever realisticaly ever fact its so bright and useful it acompanis me on all of my hunting trips for the simple reason of long rang beam and excellent flood illumination in the appalachian foot hills were we roam.let me say this again…the 4 cell even with the old fashion krypton bulb is more than most anyone will ever need! if you live in a city with small lots its will illuminate not only your lot but a four lot the two cells being less light and flood illumination is adequate for 99.9% of the general population.right now we live in a time of excess…people always have to have the latest and greates everything…from new phones,cars,computers…strikelite still stays true to the old ways of adequate needs that are durable for a lifetime…thus all these review you are in short strikelites are realistic in terms of durability and price.

  3. If you are looking at this item, you already know what it is. A giant, black, beautiful piece of aluminum worthy of the gods!

    What do you get? A cardboard box with a giant strikelite inside. That’s it.

    A great price on the ultimate man-toy!


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